Community Relations

At Alon, everything we do reveals our commitment to improving the quality of life.

It’s why we’re dedicated to making products that offer immediate and practical answers to the energy and environmental concerns of today. It’s also why we share a deep commitment to the communities in which Alon operates. Everywhere you find Alon, you’ll find a considerable investment in the quality of life for our employees and our neighbors.

In the workplace, our goal is simple: to operate the safest, cleanest facilities in our industry. Beyond the workplace, we actively reach out into the community. We lend our support to education, often setting aside part of our own facilities to serve as schools and community centers. We support the arts and humanities. And we help improve our physical environment through local beautification projects and by developing local parks and recreational facilities.

  • To learn more about what we’re doing to support our local communities, visit the individual refinery community pages: