Big Spring RefineryAlon owns and operates sour and heavy crude oil refineries in Big Spring, Texas, and  Paramount, Long Beach and Bakersfield, California (collectively known as our California refineries), as well as a light sweet crude oil refinery in Krotz Springs, Louisiana.

With a refining capacity of nearly 217,000 barrels per day, Alon refineries produce several grades of clean-burning gasoline, ultra-low-sulfur diesel, jet fuel, specialty chemicals and advanced-performance asphalt products for road construction. refinery pipesUltra-low-sulfur diesel produced by Alon takes less energy to refine than gasoline and burns cleaner than gasoline, producing more power more efficiently. It also can be refined and distributed within the existing infrastructure.

These high-demand products prove that environmentally superior state-of-the-art products do not exclusively require significant investment in new technology but are possible using today’s resources. It is this philosophy that is guiding Alon to the forefront of the energy industry.



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Big Spring
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