Krotz Springs Refinery

  • Location: Krotz Springs, Louisiana
  • Throughput capacity: 74,000 barrels per day
  • Products: gasoline, diesel fuels, petrochemicals and heavy products

The Krotz Springs Refinery has a throughput capacity of 74,000 barrels per day and a Nelson Complexity of 8.3. Located on the Atchafalaya River in central Louisiana, the refinery has access to crude from waterborne barge, pipeline, railcar and truck. The refinery is one of the newest refineries in the United States (1980) with industry-low operating costs.

The Krotz Springs Refinery has the capability to process substantial volumes of low sulfur, or sweet, crude oils to produce a high percentage of light, high-value refined products. The refinery has direct access to the Colonial product pipeline system (“Colonial Pipeline”), which allows distribution of our products to markets throughout the Southern and Eastern United States and along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.